I paint full-time following a career with a creative studio allied to the film and advertising industry. This media work provided artistic experience in specialised techniques and creative paint applications that supplemented traditional art school training in London and Eastboume.

About My Work

I enjoy the creative freedom of abstraction, producing subjective interpretations of nature and exploring the nuances of geometric shapes and spaces, the dynamics of adjacent colours and the materiality of paint and mixed media. I work on block canvases or on board but also adopt less conventional support materials that provide textural effects or produce a relief element.

The use of text arises from an affinity for the written word. I am a former journalist and currently engaged in writing a provocatively romantic novel and a series of flash fiction stories inspired by famous paintings. Please refer to

Recently I have included words within images, exploring universal human themes and appropriating elements of popular culture. The texts are suggestive, questioning, thought provoking and often humorous. The look and feel, colour and texture, layout and font all contributing to the character and cogency of the prose.

My works have been commissioned by the internationally renowned classical music consort Phantasm to illustrate two recent CDs released by Avie Records.

Enjoy looking through the galleries and if you require further information, including prices, please email me or make an entry in the visitors' book. Your comments will be appreciated as is your interest in my paintings.